Ways To Identify CBD Oil Of High Quality

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CBD Oil Products

The CBD oil market offers greater chances of growth to the people in the business and who are intending to reap benefits out of the business. However, many fraudulent companies are also getting involved in the business. The possibility calls for better customer attention to save them from getting fooled. Here are some of the ways in which you can identify high quality CBD oil.

Learn The CBD Oil Manufacturing Method

Since CBD is a young industry, much regulation does not exist to control the manufacturing process and the extraction methods used by different brands might differ. Extraction methods differ from each other in terms of purity level and associated cost and companies that sell CBD oil at cheaper rates usually employ cheaper extraction methods.  These methods use hydrocarbon solvents like butane and hexane and are toxic in nature.

Extraction methods using safer solvents like CO2 and ethanol promise the safety and quality of CBD oil.

Find Out The Source Of Your CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plant, which is a hyperaccumulator indicating that it absorbs any kind of substances present in the soil and cultivating hemp in soils that contain heavy metals like lead and mercury will affect the quality of the hemp extract. The hemp absorbs the heavy metals and CBD manufactured from this hemp would contain toxins making it unsafe.

Study the product label to make sure that the hemp is not grown in fields with polluted soils. In the US, the hemp farmers have to get the certificate of the agricultural departments of the state to start cultivation and this helps in guaranteeing better quality of the hemp.

Check The THC Content In The CBD Oil

THC is an active cannabinoid like CBD, which is present in the plants of cannabis family and has an intoxicating nature. The US strictly specifies that the CBD oil products with less than 0.3% THC only are legal. Check the label for the THC content and make sure it is below the specified limit.

Look For A “Full Spectrum” Or “Whole Plant” Label

If you want to get the maximal benefits out of CBD, then choosing full spectrum CBD oil manufactured using the whole plant is the best option. The CBD oil that contains all the beneficial compounds in the hemp plant is labeled as “whole plant” or “full spectrum”.

Check If The CBD Oil Has Third Party Certification

A third party lab certification is a double assurance to the quality of the CBD oil and brands with high quality always make sure that they get third party certification. Quality CBD oils will have the third party certification details included in the label or the companies will provide the lab results on their website.

In many cases, lack of proper research and discretion from the part of users are to be blamed for an unsatisfactory CBD experience and considering the above-discussed factors will help you choose better CBD oils.