A Short Introduction About Using Pure CBD Oil For Aviophobia

Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is federally legal in the US and since its legalization with the US Farm Act of 2018, health and wellness products made using it became more easily available. People are using them to mitigate the symptoms of different types of ailments due to its therapeutic effects like reducing inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, healing wounds, etc. Lately, people have been using CBD oil to manage the fear of flying because of CBD’s effect on neurological functioning. Read on to know how CBD oil is useful for managing aviophobia and the rules regarding traveling with it.

Fear Of Flying

Many adults suffer from the fear of flying and this is characterized by irrational anxiety. This can be managed using medications or by using behavioral therapies. Like many other phobias, aviophobia may completely disappear or it will persist, and this varies from person to person. The anxiolytic and stress-reducing effects of cannabidiol (CBD) make CBD oil an effective way to manage the irrational anxiety that leads to the fear of flying.

Fear Of Flying And CBD Oil

Studies have shown that CBD is useful for treating the symptoms of specific phobias like aviophobia. Research has shown that this is mainly attributed to its anxiolytic effect which it produces by positively influencing the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS manages the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain that are responsible for emotions like fear and anxiety. Also, cannabidiol increases the blood flow to these areas of the brain.

To reduce the irrational anxiety that causes aviophobia, you must consume pure CBD oil before boarding the plane. You must also know that this fear is closely related to claustrophobia. Consuming CBD oil is also useful as it reduces the severity or reduces the chances of sleep deprivation and jet lag. Due to these benefits, CBD can make traveling by airplanes easier for people suffering from this condition.

Traveling With CBD Oil

Even though pure CBD oil is useful for managing aviophobia, air travel carrying CBD depends on the country or US state you are boarding from and the destination of your travel. In the US, CBD is legal at the federal level, but its legality varies across states. In a few states, it is completely legal; in some others, it is partially legal, while in the rest, it is illegal. Furthermore, CBD oil made using hemp plant extracts that have less than 0.3% of THC is only legal in the US, and it must be approved by the FDA.

So, before using CBD for aviophobia as well as traveling in an airplane with pure CBD oil, you must check about the travel rules to avoid legal troubles.