CBD Vs. CBN: How Do They Differ?


As the use of products derived from the hemp plant became legal, a wide variety of products derived from this plant began to appear in the market. One of the most popular products is CBD that exhibits a plethora of health benefits.

The legalization of hemp-derived products allowed researchers to study more about this plant and its properties. They are now analyzing different compounds present in the hemp plant and their health benefits. Apart from CBD and THC, there is a large number of other beneficial compounds in this plant that can be advantageous for humans. One among them is cannabinol (CBN) that provides a lot of health benefits similar to CBD.

Even though CBN carries some medicinal properties, it has not yet gained enough popularity when compared to CBD. But you can get CBN oil in the market similar to CBD oil. However the availability of CBN products is very less, hence, they may not be always accessible for you.

What Is CBN?

Even though CBD and CBN are cannabinoids, they vary in terms of some properties. CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis (the first being THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid). But CBN has a different origin when compared to CBD, as it is formed as a result of oxidation. CBN is formed when THC is subjected to heat and light.

For producing CBD products, manufacturers use hemp varieties that have high amounts of this compound. But it is not possible to create a hemp strain that is high in CBN, as the formation of this cannabinoid depends on a large number of factors like heat, light, and time.

Benefits Of CBN

Both CBD and CBN carry some similar properties. These compounds do not result in high and they interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body for creating different effects.

CBN can provide some health benefits which are mentioned below:

It Can Act As A Sleep Aid: Studies suggest that CBN carries sedative properties. This might be beneficial for inducing sleep in people.

It Might Help With Pain Relief: A study conducted in rats suggests that CBN might be able to alleviate pain. Hence, it can be used as a natural analgesic.

It May Relieve Inflammation: CBN might help to relieve inflammation caused by various diseases. Studies in rats show that this compound was able to relieve the inflammation caused by arthritis.

Similar to CBD, CBN can also provide many health benefits. Researchers are still exploring the properties of this compound. It might become more popular in the future for the wide range of health benefits it carries.