CBD: A New Lease At Life For Seniors

CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors
CBD For Seniors

In the past decade, the changes and the shift in public perception about the wellness industry, especially that which is tied to CBD has been immense, to say the least. People from all over the globe have been able to find effective ways to manage their various health conditions all with the help of the CBD products.

Of the several people, one group is that of senior citizens. A recent survey has been able to conclude that around 9-10 % of all surveyed seniors have used CBD for their health concerns…and the numbers are only growing! Out of them, around 50% have reported that their ailments and symptoms have improved significantly.

The aging population in the world is increasing. Take the case of the United States- it is estimated that the senior citizen population (above 65 years old) is going to double from 50 million in the year 2019 to 95 million by the year 2060. It is not surprising that the popularity of CBD for seniors will be increasing proportionally.

Here are some ways in which CBD can help the senior community:

Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from aching joints, then you are not alone. It is estimated that close to 50% of the elderly have reported chronic pain to be one of the causes of severe discomfort. Rather than sticking to traditional over-the-counter pharma medications, elderly people are choosing better alternatives that are natural and have fewer long term side effects- CBD excels in these departments.

CBD helps in dulling the pain by reducing the sensitiveness as a result of the interaction with the nervous system via the endocannabinoid system. Ease and comfort from the pain are achieved as a result.

Increased Bone Strength

As people age, one of the effects is the deterioration of bone mass and density. Bone and muscle strength reduces and this increases the likelihood of osteoporosis and bone breakage. CBD is regenerative and helps to increase the rate of recovery of weakened tissue in the body.

Helps You Mitigate Sleep Issues

Insomnia is one of the causes of restless nights. The reason could be many from depression to PTSD and anxiety to stress. Even physical inconveniences such as chronic pain can lead to insomnia. Most of them are further aggravated as a result of bad sleep.

CBD helps by inducing deep sleep and reduces the likelihood of waking up in the middle of the night. You will wake up the next morning, well-rested and completely refreshed.