Treating Insomnia With CBD

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Use Of CBD
Use Of CBD

Among the famed uses and benefits of Cannabinol CBD, lies a hidden trait of this natural compound – its sleep-inducing power. It may not make you lethargic and sleepy right after an ideal CBD dosage. However, it is great at inducing sleep and facilitating a restful sleep to make you feel refreshed the next day. In the discussion that follows, we will be analyzing CBD on the grounds of its ability to treat insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?

Individuals suffering from insomnia experience difficulty in going to sleep. They stay awake for longer hours. It is a medical condition that could either be acute or chronic. In the case of acute insomnia, the condition usually lasts from a night to a total of a few weeks. On the other hand, in the case of chronic insomnia, the condition may last between three nights up to three months period.

What Causes Poor Sleep?

Several factors are contributing to poor sleep. The most common ones are the following.

  1. Mental health disorders such as PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or anxiety could cause sleeplessness
  2. Ingestion of prescription medicines that could disrupt the normal sleep-wake cycle in humans
  3. Physical conditions such as the experience of chronic pains
  4. Consumption of caffeine during late hours
  5. Environment factors like an uncomfortable bed or extremely loud noises or even traffic sounds

How Does CBD Help In Improving Sleep?

True that the researchers lack quality scientific evidence to prove the efficiency of CBD in improving sleep patterns and habits in humans. However, they are positive on the efficacy of CBD in reducing the symptoms and causes of insomnia. For instance, sleeplessness is believed to be the aftermath of conditions such as anxiety, depression, specific medications, or chronic illnesses. We already know that CBD can miraculously treat the above-mentioned causes, thereby facilitating a restful sleep.

How To Use CBD For Promoting Sleep?

To cater to the specific needs of its customers, the manufacturers have come up with different forms of CBD. A person interested in using CBD can select their preferred method of ingesting CBD from the following.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using CBD?

The side effects of using CBD are nothing major when compared with the use of over-the-counter-pills for a long time. The potential side effects include weight fluctuations, diarrhea, appetite changes, and fatigue, etc.

You are advised to talk with your doctor before beginning the use of CBD, be it for inducing sleep or treating anxiety and depression.